Garda issue warning about scam callers

Gardai in the city and county have issued a warning to make people aware of bogus callers to houses after a hoax bank scam was reported this week.

They have asked people to specially to be mindful of those living alone and who are elderly and who may be vulnerable to such callers.

A garda spokesperson said that they want inform people of a specific scam which is happening at present.

“An elderly person is contacted by someone on their phone pretending to be from from their bank stating that their account has been hacked.

“In order to rectify the issue they are scammed into transferring money money using Western Union,” she said, adding that under no circumstances should you give out any bank or personal details over the phone.

“If you receive a phone call like this, hang up and contact your bank directly, who will confirm that your account has not been hacked. Gardai are also asking friends and relatives of elderly people to make them aware of this scam so they do not become a victim of it,” she concluded.



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