Connolly identifies Rahoon landbank for permanent park and ride facility

lection candidate in Galway West John Connolly has called on Galway City Council to seriously consider a permanent Park and Ride facility to ease traffic congestion in the city. 

Mr Connolly has identified a landbank, adjacent to Galway West Retail Park, Rahoon for the development of a permanent Park and Ride facility in the West of the city.

“Every piece of research undertaken into the City’s traffic problems have concluded that a Park and Ride service could be a key feature of solving the traffic problems. The 2007 Bus Feasibility Study claimed that a well-designed and well-located facility, complemented by bus priority measures could generate a series of benefits, while the 2011 Public Transport Feasibility Study for the city cited the importance of location as a key factor in the success of a park and ride facility,” he said.

“There are a number of features that make this location suitable for a Park and Ride. Buses leaving from this site would enjoy the use of Bus Priority measures on the Rahoon Rd and the Seamus Quirke Rd. Currently these bus routes are serviced by the Bus Eireann 405 service and City Direct Routes 411 and 412.

“These are among the busiest bus routes in the city. The land is also suitably zoned and currently available”“Motorists in Galway have been dealing with major traffic delays and long backlogs into and out of the city for years. However in the last year alone, traffic congestion has increased by 10%.   

He went on to say that despite being a source of serious frustration, the situation has not improved and measures must be taken to ease the congestion. 

“We have seen the success of the Park and Ride in the city in the lead up to Christmas, and I think that this model should be rolled out across the year with a permanent service. “The establishment of a Bus Rapid Transit Route should be considered along this route to ensure an efficient and reliable service.  This would be a new departure for public transport in Galway and has the potential to ease traffic congestion across the city.



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