Cunningham - within inches of grabbing Liam 

Just over an hour earlier, it looked like Anthony Cunningham would be walking into the press room having masterminded Galway's first All Ireland senior title in 27 year. However, when the final chapter in this year's hurling championship was written, Galway came up short against a ferocious Kilkenny onslaught in the final 35 minutes.

The Galway manager had the look of a man still trying to come to terms with what had happened, but he still believes claiming the All Ireland title is in touching distance of this group of players.

"It is within our grasp to win an All-Ireland. We are within inches of it. But it is how we react from it. We have been here before and it took us a couple of years more than we wanted to get back here. But all in all we have to keep working," he said.

"We got huge experience again at the top end of the championship. A day like today is when you only get to witness that. That is what we will strive to get back to. I have no doubt these players ... they will work hard..... and they will get there. We are just hoping it will be sooner rather than later." 

Things just didn't click for Galway in the second half as they did in the first.  " [It's a] huge disappointment and no fault to anybody really. We have to be hugely proud of Galway and this team and the effort we got all year and today. And that is why it is so hard."



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