City Council issues flood warning

Areas of Galway city could once again be under water as there is a risk of further flooding during exceptionally high tides from today until Tuesday.

Galway City Council has issued a warning regarding “potential flooding over the next number of days due to expected, exceptional high tides”. From early this morning, Thursday January 30, through to Tuesday, February 4, there will be a series of Spring Tides which have the potential to cause flooding along quays and shorelines in the city.

The critical times are: Today, January 30, at 4.13am, when the tide will reach 5.24m, and 4.44pm when the tide will be at 5.16m; tomorrow Friday, January 31, at 5am (5.52m ), and 5.30pm (5.35m ); Saturday, February 1, at 5.47am (5.68m ), and 6.15pm (5.41m ); Sunday, February 2, at 6.32am (5.68m ) and 7pm (5.33m ); Monday, February 3 at 7.18am (5.52m ) and 7.44pm (5.13m ); and Tuesday, February 4, at 8.03am (5.23m ). Based on current weather forecasts, the highest risk is expected to be at high tide on Saturday at 5.47am.

The areas most likely to be affected are along the Promenade in Salthill and Grattan Road and at Fishmarket, Spanish Arch. The public is advised to have regard for their safety, particularly at high tide in these areas.

The area around Spanish Arch, Flood Street and Spanish Parade is at risk of flooding around high tide and businesses and residents in the area are advised to put floodgates and sand-bags in place in advance of high tide, particularly in advance of the high tides on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The car park at Toft Park beside the Atlantaquarium is liable to flood again in the hours around high tide and motorists are advised not to leave their cars there.

Galway City Council staff will be on standby to deal with issues and will work with An Garda Síochána if roads need to be closed due to flooding. The public is advised to exercise caution on exposed coasts and to follow directions or warnings issued on the ground.



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