Cura is there to give you space to think

An unplanned pregnancy at any age or at any stage in life can or may become a difficult and challenging time.

Having someone to listen in a safe and confidential space enables you to look at conflicting emotions and feelings and to bring these feelings to a more manageable level while you consider your situation.

Cura counsellors are trained in crisis pregnancy counselling and support after abortion counselling and with their professional approach and experience they understand the difficulty in making a considered decision while in a state of anxiety or panic. They are aware too of the importance of one to one support and counselling which does not judge or influence and that the support be available for as long as it is needed

An unexpected pregnancy can affect men too. Sometimes the feelings of shock, panic or even not having an input in the decision-making process causes frustration and may become a crisis situation for them. Cura supports are there for men also, with a partner or alone. During this time you need not feel alone, Cura will support you for as long as you need. It knows how difficult it may be to confide in or trust anyone at this time, and how much more difficult it is as time passes. It is there at any time during your pregnancy and is only a phone call away. You can contact Cura at Arus de Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway 091 562 558 or Lo call Helpline 1850 622 626. — 9 30am-9 00pm Mon-Fri.



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