Animal rights campaigners to protest against Canada’s baby seal slaughter

Animal rights campaigners are set to descend on Eyre Square this Saturday to protest against the practise of baby seal slaughter in Canada.

Members of ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network ) and supporters of the national animal protection group are due to gather this Saturday at 2pm to protest against baby seal slaughter in Canada. ARAN protesters will attempt to call attention to this cruelty and will be armed with signs that read: “Canada, Stop Killing Baby Seals” and “O’ Canada, How Could You?”.

“I am hoping people across Galway will support the Irish call to stop the killing of baby seals in Canada. These babies are being skinned for their fur, there’s just no excuse. Despite universal condemnation, Canada maintains its cavalier attitude to the biggest massacre of marine mammals in the world,” says Galway ARAN member Michael Penrose.

According to ARAN the annual slaughter results in hundreds of thousands of baby seals being killed. The EU and US have banned the import of seal products.



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