Galway-made natural weedkiller offers organic solution to weeds

Irish Organic Weed Killer was developed in 2009 by Galway businessman Oisin Concannon. Conscious of the dangers of chemicals to children and pets, he was looking for a non-toxic weedkiller in his local hardware stores. He discovered that no 100 per cent natural weedkiller existed in the Irish market and set about developing a natural Irish-made alternative to chemical weedkillers.

He then set up Irish Organic Weed Killer, which developed and launched Ireland’s first 100 per cent natural weedkiller in 2010 and is now one of Ireland's leading brands in the herbicide market. Irish Organic Weed Killer first entered the market with a one litre ready to use spray bottle and has expanded its range to nine pack sizes spread across three different products. With the introduction of a new three litre pack size in a handy ready to use bottle, a three litre refill, and a 100 per cent natural path and patio cleaner, Irish Organic Weed Killer has cornered the market. The company now also produces 10 litre and 20 litre sizes to cater for the amenity market.

Irish Organic Weedkiller contains only natural ingredients and is 100 per cent biodegradable with visible results within three hours. Extremely fast acting, the product returns the pH of the soil to normal after two days for quick replanting. A safe and environmentally friendly alternative to non-natural weedkillers, this product leaves no harmful chemicals behind. As an added benefit, the dying root of the weed acts as a wholly natural fertiliser, enriching and nourishing the soil.

Irish Organic Weed Killer has now moved to a new premises for bottling and labelling in the Claregalway Corporate Park, with the creation of five new jobs.



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