File to DPP after taxidriver assault

Gardaí have confirmed that a file has been sent to the DPP in relation to the alleged attack on a female taxi driver by another taxi driver at the city bus station last month.

A spokesperson from the Garda Press Office in Dublin confirmed that the incident is under investigation and a file on the matter has been sent to the DPP in Dublin.

“The alleged assault is under investigation and a file has been prepared for the DPP. There were no arrests in relation to the incident,” a spokesperson said.

The incident took place at the bus station when one taxi driver left his car and allegedly punched another in the face.

In a letter to the Galway Advertiser the husband of the female taxi driver said that his wife has been left distraught by the attack. He said, “The mental aspect is a different story because the affect has left my wife uncontrollably crying, and with sleepless nights; all these are taking their toll.

“And to top it all off, while we did spend time and money in casualty this taxi driver was out making money carrying innocent people that don’t realise that he has a problem.

“The innocent people that I refer to are your mothers or daughters, your sisters, or even your babysitters that might be unfortunate to get into his car and end up in hospital like my wife did, so I ask the question, how can this person still be allowed to drive a public service vehicle?”



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