Save on heating costs with Solar Home Ireland

With home heating oil having increased 30 per cent in the last six months and a further eight per cent expected over the comings weeks with the new carbon tax, there has never been a better time to consider installing solar panels on your home. A system, if properly specified, will generate 65 per cent of your home’s domestic hot water requirements free from the sun.

Solar Home Ireland was established in 2005 and is exclusively involved in the sales and installation of solar water heating systems for the domestic and commercial market throughout Ireland.

The company’s installers have under gone extensive training in Germany and Ireland and are fully certified as part of Sustainable Energy Ireland’s Greener Homes Scheme.

Solar Home Ireland is the Irish main agent and distributor for the German based company Phoenix Solar ( ). By choosing Solar Home to install solar panels on your home you effectively remove the expensive middle man from your purchase, saving you hundreds of euro of the installation cost and at the same time giving you a superior solar panel system that is German made. Because of its competitive prices you are guaranteed a solar panel system with the quickest payback time on the Irish market today.


Solar Home’s product range includes German made flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes, all of which are grant certified as part of Sustainable Energy Ireland’s Greener Homes Scheme. This scheme entitles the homeowner to a grant of up to €1,500 for the system upon installation.

The majority of the solar water heating systems installed by Solar Home are carried out in Connacht but the products are installed nationwide by five other companies which are also involved in the renewable energy sector.

For further information on how Solar Home can help you reduce your heating costs with solar water heating systems contact Shane O’Neill on (091 ) 848700, (087 ) 2555130, or [email protected]



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