Taste of the twenties at the Dail

Step back in time to the era of prohibition, illegal speakeasies, and bathtub gin, of gangsters and silent film stars. While hot jazz was sweeping the country, hemlines were rising with the heat. Now is your chance to recreate the past, as the Cotton Club arrives at The Dáil Bar this November 5 at 10pm. There is an open invitation to all cool cats, and hot chicks, to go along to the swankiest joint in town.

It will be a night of hot jazz, swing, and soul, headlined by sultry songbird Nicola McGuire with Fat Sam and his trusty molls Minnie (The Moocher ) and Dixie watching out for a midnight raid from the cops. The good times will roll with themed cocktails, decor, and red hot music, so practise your Lindy hop and jive for this weekly extravaganza.

The Cotton Club is reminiscent of its namesake which was a famous nightclub in New York City that operated during prohibition. During its heyday it was favoured by stars and gangsters and served as a chic meeting spot in the heart of the city. So why not go along to Galway’s Cotton Club right in the heart of The Latin Quarter. It’s what Thursday nights have been waiting for.



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