Create a relaxing bedroom space

We sleep over a third of our lives, so not surprisingly the bedroom is an important space. Bedrooms are often used for storage space. Your bedroom design can assist you in having a good night's rest and in laying the foundation for a more organised life.

Bedroom colours

The colour of a bedroom is a highly personal decision. Muted, natural, tones in bedroom design are ideal for relaxation.

Create lighting options in your bedroom design. Because you will be using your bedroom during all hours of the day and for different purposes, different types of lighting should be considered. Recommended options include overhead lighting for easy visibility, low lighting on dimmers for ambience, and medium-brightness lamps for reading.

Keep your bedroom design open and make use of vertical space with tall storage furniture and shelving for your walls. One great piece of versatile furniture is a cupboard, which can often store both your TV and clothing, and makes great use of vertical space.

Use sheer fabrics, which allow light through and keep space — even divided space — more open.

A simple trick to make a bedroom appear bigger is to hang a couple of mirrors.

Bedroom sounds

Music is the ultimate relaxation tool. Keep your favourite collection of calming music close at hand in the bedroom, and find a CD or MP3 player that is unobtrusive in your bedroom. A smaller audio device, or a flat one that can hang on your bedroom wall, will keep music as a calming influence in your design. If you live in a loud area, try using a fan or something that makes a dull, constant noise to drown background sounds.

Bedroom scents

Filling the bedroom with the right aromas will set the scene for sleep and relaxation. Use candles, bunches of fresh flowers, aromatherapy oils, pot pourri, or incense in your bedroom to create the mood you are seeking. Plants will also increase humidity and oxygen, allowing you to better breathe your scented air.

Bedroom textures

Keeping textures and fabrics soft to the touch in your bedroom will encourage relaxation. Drift to sleep within the comfort of smooth, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Curl up in a cushy chair to read your favourite novel. Pile cushions onto your bed for a cosy place to snuggle. Soft bedroom rugs and carpets will keep your feet warm and relaxed. Combine these ideas to create your own style of comfort in your bedroom design.



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