Ballybrit and the stream of unconsciousness

alarm beeps at ate o clock... grand place to stay great breakfast... i'd say the landlady was a fine piece in her day what d'ya say lads... rashers puddins sausages and lashins of tay... drink juice straight from the jug then out get the post the Racing Post not the Limerick Post and the papers... down the square check out paddys ladbrokes boyles muls get the odds... and ends... too early to go out yet... sit on bench and look at Volvo flowers still there still rare... light up brighten up... wink at young wan get scowl but scowl back at her... she don't know what's she missing... light another... hand shakes but 'twould by now anyways Wednesday... phone dying just two bars head dying just twenty five bars...need cash... act fast ...shaky fingers dance on vomit-splattered keypad at hole in wall...good job don't need numbers 3, 8, 2 as they're splashed pretty bad... cash comes out crisp clean only gives 300 so go to other machine... clean pad, thick wad jammed in arse pocket but switch to front... can't be too sure... cute hoor watching ya catching ya but not me. I'm wide out me so I am, sham. Taxi rank hop in stinks of air freshener and stale conversation emigrants women jobs horses crawl out past smart lights get out fork out...sham says ‘anywan want to try the three card trick the three card trick, watch out Char-less the shades are lamping the scene’... don't fall for that not after last year not me cos I'm wide out... in gate get the beers in... fiver formguide and free biro sticking from arse pocket ... meet yer man from home he waves and says he knows a fella who knows Weld is the man...but don’t rule out Ballyholland cos George said so... free biro marks his nods as he mouths numbers at me... rip page from card and jam in raffle drum there... always been lucky mother said when I won the teddy bear at the sale of work but she didn't know I stole it then sold it. Wide out that's me. Guard nods at me I nod back howya guard what does he know the happy head on him another beer in. Push through crowd...see Mul say 'Mul pony on him' and he smiles at me...wide out..takes the cash..more beers...chips...see yer man Daithi what's his name he says howye lads sound out dressed like me jeans jacket and shirt hanging out my kind of man with his kind of tan wimmen mad into him ya can tell by the smell of his expensive after shave. Lads shout yahoo at Ted Walsh and some other twenty years since he rode her mother Ted scowls we laugh.. we’re hards out hardy bucks lepping in the stand when the horse comes home flyin' ...roars, slaps, back broken, back to Mul to cash the token. Mul's not laughin’ now. Front pocket bulges arse pocket spits out free biro...more beer...tuna melt with extra dolphin...plastic pints spilt down new Next shirt, it’ll live up to its name tomorrow...into town internet printout with quare wans' mobile numbers wants 200 notes for an hour of the bould thing lads laugh when I ask for group hour I laugh, an hour of drinking time wasted... I'd rather stay here with ye and get wasted... beer's worst thing that I’ve tasted..give grief to Mayo lad we're after matin' tells us to stall the jets now take your batin' and he scampers down Quay Street the happy head on him...spewed up dolphin into Volvo flowers at one of those godforsaken hours...better out than in...more beers and then 4am staring at a kebab outside a chipper thinking it's a turd in a slipper...pillow smells of lavender, kipper and then alarm beeps ate o clock..still only Thursday morning...



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