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Support your natural healing ability with Healing Touch therapy

Classes in Healing Touch are again available at The Salthill Hotel, Galway, on September 20 to 21 and September 27 to 28 for Level 1.

Raising your energy vibrations

We all have an energy field which surrounds us and energy centres which run through our body.

Good health starts here

When life-energy flows freely, we experience good health; when it’s blocked we experience discomfort, pain, and illness.

Raising your vibration

According to quantum physics we are not just a physical body. Our presence doesn’t end at our skin line. We all have an energy field around us and energy centres which run through our body. Each one of us has an energy system unique to us which connects us to other living beings and to the universal energy all around us.

Connecting with angels

Are you finding life difficult? Are you struggling with problems, maybe financial or emotional? If so, who do you lean on? Your partner, family or friends?

Release stress through mental field therapy

MFT stands for mental field therapy. At the ISHSKO Centre in Westport, MFT is used to relieve pain sensation caused by unresolved psychological traumas. It alleviates the adrenal stress associated with emotional conflict, which compromises a patient's physical health. MFT gently releases the stress through a series of specific tapping points and healing statements made by the patient. It is an elegant and effective means of helping people clear emotional issues.

Plexus Bio Energy brings people back to good health and wellbeing

Located at Lismoyle House, Merchants Road, Galway, both Michael O'Gara and Tina Forkan run a full time clinic that they started in 1990. Plexus Bio Energy involves the relocating and balancing of energy blockages throughout the body; these blockages are like electrical currents going through the body which form an electromagnetic field. Therapists can scan and diagnose the energy field and loacte where the blockages are in the body.

Co-founder of Plexus Bio-Energy to provide corrective sound therapy in Galway

Tom Griffin, author and co-founder of Plexus Bio-Energy, will return to Galway on Thursday August 5 to provide corrective sound therapy. He will operate from the Ardilaun Hotel from 11am to 7pm.


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