Good health starts here

When life-energy flows freely, we experience good health; when it’s blocked we experience discomfort, pain, and illness.

Bio-energy therapy scans the body’s energy field, locating blockages and imbalances. Using flowing hand movements and universal energy, therapists gently move the energy and release blockages. Once the energy blockages are released and the energy is flowing freely once again, the body begins to heal itself and creates balance in the system.

Bio-energy therapy is a very gentle and relaxing therapy, whether being used to relax the client or for a particular illness or condition. The client is fully clothed and comfortable for the treatment which lasts approximately one hour.

Bio-energy therapy can be used to treat all conditions and has been particularly successful at treating the following: migraine/ headaches; arthritis/ rheumatism; irritable bowel syndrome; emotional problems; digestive problems; back/ shoulder/ neck pain; joint/ muscle pain; sports injuries; asthma; post-operation recovery; eczema/ skin conditions; stress relief/ anxiety; chronic fatigue; insomnia; depression; fibromyalgia; gout; broken bones – speeds the healing process; boosting the immune system.

Bio-energy therapy can be used in conjunction with modern day medicine for optimum health.

Kate Mullins at Ache Busters is offering half-price treatments for the remainder of August. For more information on bio-energy therapy, crystal therapy, chakra and aura healing, and meditation classes or to book your free consultation and half-price treatments, contact Kate on (086 ) 4076430.


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