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Easter Bunny ruins weight loss plans!

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Easter has a habit of throwing even those with the best intentions off course when it comes to healthy eating. However, all that chocolate need not mean an end to healthy eating.

Lose weight permanently with Lighter Life

A revolutionary new weight loss system which combines a specialist diet with group support, weight loss counselling, and ongoing support is now available in Galway.

Get in shape for summer

Curves, the woman-only gym franchise is launching its Get in Shape for Summer challenge. Available to both members and non-members of Curves across Ireland, the Curves Weight Management Programme is a system where women can attend six weeks of small, intimate classes run by trained Curves personnel.

Shed pounds naturally

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A new natural weight management tool aims to give women the confidence and motivation to reveal their perfect figure and feel good in their skin.

Lose weight with hypnosis

What good is hypnosis? It is a fair question and one which hypnotist David Kelleher, who is based in Athlone, is well qualified to answer. “It is a good question,” he retorts with a smile, explaining that with his background as a gym manager he has found that hypnosis can be particularly helpful to those wanting to lose weight.

Half of Mayo people are overweight

According to research carried out by Hibernian Aviva Health, 51 per cent of people in Mayo are found to be overweight or dangerously overweight. The research also reveals that 48 per cent of people on a nationwide basis are overweight and almost a quarter of all adults do no physical exercise. According to the research findings, there is a clear gender bias to these results with 61 per cent of males versus 39 per cent of females reportedly being overweight.

Get into shape — it doesn’t have to be all pain and no gain

Why do people find it so difficult to get into shape and then to stay there? Science shows us that as we age, we lose 30 per cent of our muscle mass. This can lead to cardiovascular problems and poorly functioning organs and with very little effort our bodies go shapeless as we lose our strength.

Health starts at Lough Lannagh

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According to Dannie Cassidy, manager of Lough Lannagh Fitness: “We care, value, and get results for our members” in order for them to “achieve their goals.”

Losing weight - do we expect too much?

We all hear talk of Body Mass Index (BMI) and healthy weights, but what actually counts when losing weight? Do we have unrealistic expectations of how much weight we can and should lose?

Health, fitness, and lifestyle at the Kingfisher

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