Lose weight with hypnosis

What good is hypnosis? It is a fair question and one which hypnotist David Kelleher, who is based in Athlone, is well qualified to answer. “It is a good question,” he retorts with a smile, explaining that with his background as a gym manager he has found that hypnosis can be particularly helpful to those wanting to lose weight.

“A hypnotist will teach you how to control your weight naturally by using your imagination, reducing your stress, and teaching you self-hypnosis. Take weight loss for example; even after one session you will find that your cravings for food will be reduced, you will feel full after less food and you will feel better about yourself. When you are hypnotised you are fully aware of your surroundings and I can only make suggestions that are agreeable to you so it is very safe and most people find the session very relaxing as well.”

With David’s experience in the health club business his expertise in both hypnosis and exercise enables him to help others achieve what is often considered an elusive concept, that is, real and tangible weight loss! He explains that there is no magic wand when it comes to hypnosis but with his education and his enthusiasm he can show you how to make it a very simple and easy journey to reach your desired weight. “Most people I encounter tell me they want to lose weight but they say they just have not got the determination to do so. I say to them if they can close their eyes (not when they are driving! ) and visualise how they would like to look on the beach then they have already used their imagination which is one of the techniques used in hypnosis.”

He is aware of many of the obstacles most of us have encountered in our quest for the perfect body and he explains how many of these issues will be addressed during a consultation. “As part of the consultation I will ask a series of questions such as why you have gained extra weight…If you have been under a lot of stress…if you are comfort eating to compensate...if you are under pressure at work due to the current economic climate and also if you have the time to eat healthily…”. If you can answer yes to any of the above, he says, then hypnosis can help you to lose weight once you commit to it.

Anyone wishing to lose weight with hypnosis can call David on (086 ) 3836692 to make an appointment.


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