Easter Bunny ruins weight loss plans!

Easter has a habit of throwing even those with the best intentions off course when it comes to healthy eating. However, all that chocolate need not mean an end to healthy eating.

The first rule to remember is that all chocolate is not created equal! Fat, sugar, and calorie content and portion sizes are important to consider. At the healthier side of the scale sit jelly beans and marshmallow eggs, as they have low fat but high sugar contents. Moderation is still important though!

Richer Belgian chocolates, crème eggs, and caramel-filled creations are all laden with fat and calories and should be eaten in small amounts if you are watching your waistline. Even a single crème egg contains approximately 170kcal, which would take the average woman 40 minutes walking to burn off!

A fun way to get active with your children this Easter is to organise, and join in an Easter egg hunt with the kids. Get out there and have some fun! Easter may not be the best time to pursue fast weight loss, but it is certainly possible to enjoy the time without raising your weight to new highs.

From Pauline Dunne, Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service, HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster, Mullingar. Tel: (044 ) 9353220, email [email protected].


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