Health starts at Lough Lannagh

A fitness centre not a leisure centre

Dessie and Jay from Lough Lannagh Fitness

Dessie and Jay from Lough Lannagh Fitness

According to Dannie Cassidy, manager of Lough Lannagh Fitness: “We care, value, and get results for our members” in order for them to “achieve their goals.”

Mr Cassidy explains that by working with members, whatever their fitness level, to assess their needs, long term ambitions in healthy living, from diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices, they can achieve their fitness goals.

“Our aim is to help you to maintain and improve your body at its optimum level,” Mr Cassidy said. “Your health and wellbeing are our priority. Frequent re-evaluations of your progress, assessments, personal programmes, consultations, are commonplace and are included in your membership fees. There are no additional costs. In addition members of Lough Lannagh Fitness are issued with a membership card, offering great concessions at various Castlebar locations. This is great value for your money. Full membership for 12 months works out at only 96 cent per day.”

The team at Lough Lannagh treat all members the same in their goal to improve. Let Cassidy and the team help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it be to get fit for sport, lose weight, gain weight, to rehabilitate the body from illness or injury, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, the staff of Lough Lannagh Fitness will assist you in your healthy approach to Life

Contact Dannie Cassidy today for an informal chat, or to book a no obligation appointment to come and see Lough Lannagh Fitness for yourself. Have you any fitness questions? Contact Lough Lannagh Fitness, Old Westport Road, Castlebar, on 094 902 7547; [email protected]; or twitter Dannie on


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