Sleep well with Stauntons Pharmacy

Pull this cracker to discover Sleep Spell, a miniature, travel-sized version of the bestselling deep sleep pillow spray (10ml ), which contains a signature calming blend of lavender, vetivert, and camomile essential oils to help magic you into a more peaceful sleep. With 99 per cent of users claiming that they slept better than normal after using it, this deep sleep pillow spray is the aromatherapeutic solution to better sleep and a calmer Christmas.

Get a proper night's sleep with Bedtime Story

Ah Christmas, a time when burning the candle at both ends can leave us feeling more frazzled than dazzled. Bedtime Story is designed to optimise your wind down and send you off to sleep without a worry, both deep sleep bath soak 200g and deep sleep pillow spray 75ml are blended with a signature sleep scent of lavender, vetiver, and wild chamomile, helping you unwind for a more restful night’s sleep. Both of these great products are available at Stauntons Link Pharmacy, Hopkins Road, Castlebar or on


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