Full of life on a full tummy - it is extra easy with Slimming World

Tina, 32 years of age and a mum of two, lost 2st 1lb in just 20 weeks thanks to Slimming World. With the weight loss Tina says she has experienced a new lease of life and is now looking forward to becoming a Slimming World consultant.

In the past, Tina tried various methods to lose weight herself. While she had some success at times she could not sustain it and often felt hungry and restricted in what she could eat. "I always yoyo with my weight," Tina says. "I could never find anything that really worked and I tried everything. I had very low energy levels and found it hard to get the motivation to play with my kids or even do the smallest bit of exercise.

"If I had a special day or a wedding coming up, I would start to panic about fitting into a dress. Of course I tried every sort of crash diet. I would lose a couple of pounds here and there but nothing would last. It always felt like a short term fix for a lot of very hard work."

After giving birth to her second child, Cillian, Tina had not lost much weight between the two pregnancies. She had given birth to her first child Evan five years before. Having a busy lifestyle and being a mum, she said it was too easy to dial for a takeaway or throw something convient together without thinking of the calories.

She knew after her second son was born that something had to change and that she had to lose the weight once and for all. She not only needed to get her confidence, she needed her energy back to be able to look after her two young boys.

Tina joined her local Slimming World group in Ballymote in October 2015 and lost 4.5lbs in her first week. She received her half stone award in the second week.

In a very short length of time, Tina has dropped two dress sizes and has bags of confidence. The simple joy of being able to run around the garden with her son without being out of breath is reward enough. She now enjoys walking a few times a week and has started training to do a mini marathon in June. Her success has also motivated her to train to become a Slimming World consultant so she can help, support, and encourage others to lose weight.

Tina is relaunching the Ballyhaunis Slimming World group on April 26 at 7.30pm in St Patrick's Parocial Hall, Upper Main Street. If you want to lose weight but love your chips, pasta, and the odd glass of wine, sign up and change your life with Tina today.

In group you will hear and learn from the other members, lots of hint and tips and fabulous recipes to try out each week.



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