Mastermind by Revive Active now available at MacAuliffe's Pharmacy

What is Mastermind by Revive Active?

Mastermind is the most comprehensive approach to delivering key nutrients which contribute to brain and cognitive function, mental performance, and nervous system function; formulated in collaboration with the University of Northumbria – The Brain Performance Nutrition Centre.

Who is Mastermind for?

Seniors - If preventative take one sachet daily. If they are starting to suffer from memory and cognitive deterioration, then take two sachets daily (separate for the best effect ). Parents and professionals – take one sachet daily. Students – 15 and up take one sachet daily. Under 15 take have a sachet daily. Probably not necessary for under 13.

How does it work?

Mastermind works by delivering key nutrients including DHA, uridine, and choline, which promote the development of synapses or connections within the brain for memory development, focus, and mental performance.

How long to feel the effects?

An acute effect of increased focus and improved mood can occur within the first one to three weeks. Further pronounced results in improved memory and cognition occurs between one and three months. For exam preparation, it is recommended to take for at least one month in advance during study

Mastermind by Revive Active is now available at MacAuliffe's Pharmacy. For more information call into the pharmacy on Station Road, Castlebar, or call (094 ) 902 5995.



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