Clan Beo 2016 National Conference to be held in the Knockranny House Hotel

The Clan Beo 2016 National Conference will be hosted in the Knockranny House Hotel, Westport, on February 25.

The theme of the 2016 conference is ‘Show Me The Money’. Speakers on the programme will look at the 10 most important issues relating to money that face a person with a disability in 2016. The programme will also include a choice of four workshops that focus on money at work, at home, financial planning, and the impact of the 2015 Assisted Decision Making legislation on how people with a disability do their business in the community.

The conference is important for families who are concerned about how to look out for a disabled family member's interests around finance and money. It is important in anticipating how the Assisted Decision Making legislation will effect how people are supported in doing their business with financial institutions like credit unions, banks, post offices, or special money management arrangements of service providers.

The practical information in the trust planning workshop from Alan Cuthbert of around the smart management of money has been requested by Mayo families for some time. Many people will be interested in the simple and clear information that will be part of the social welfare entitlements presentation. The programme includes clear information around protection from financial abuse.

Finally, an increasing number of families and people living with a disability will be interested in finding out what is meant by ‘individualised funding’, where it is available and what is required of families, people living with a disability, and service providers in order to avail of these types of arrangements.

The Show Me The Money conference programme is designed for people living with a disability, their families, management and staff who work in direct service provision, and people who work in ordinary businesses and services.

To book a place at the conference go to Full day tickets cost €80. Tickets for people with disabilities and their family members cost €20. For more programme information and bookings contact (086 ) 4370716 or email [email protected].



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