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New Pearlys treatment available at Pauline Cawley's

Pearly white smile: Josie Gibson is the new face of Pearlys

Pearly white smile: Josie Gibson is the new face of Pearlys

Professional teeth whitening treatments used to come at such a high price that they were widely considered to be a luxury for the rich and famous only.

However, with all of the latest developments in the sector, teeth whitening has now become much more affordable, so much so that many women and men simply consider it part of their regular beauty routine.

For anyone who has never tried teeth whitening before, a new treatment from the experts at Pearlys, available at Pauline Cawley's Beauty Clinic in Castlebar is a great option.

It is priced quite reasonably, with an express treatment costing €69 and taking 20 minutes, or a double express treatment (good for first time users ) costing €99 and taking 40 minutes.

The treatment involves prepping the teeth with a finger wipe of some Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten powder. This removes external staining. Next, a self-treatment tray is placed in the mouth.

The whitening gel is already in the tray and will treat the top and bottom teeth at the same time.

Next, cool LED whitening light activates the gel to lift out more difficult, deeper, stains.

Pearlys whitening gel does not contain any hydrogen peroxide so it will not cause sensitivity.

"The whole treatment should be comfortable," explained Pauline Cawley. "The most you are likely to feel is a tingle on the tongue and gums, that's all."

Some people may be concerned their teeth will look too 'Hollywood' white. However, there is no need to worry, added Ms Cawley.

"Pearlys treatments remove staining to help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness but they won't look artificial," she advised. "On average, teeth lighten eight to 12 shades and the darker the teeth are to start with, the more difference you will see."

The treatment is suitable for most people but should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with untreated dental problems, anyone under 18, or anyone who is epileptic.

How long results last depends on your lifestyle and whether or not you use home maintenance products but a repeat treatment is recommended in nine to 12 months when using maintenance products at home or every three months if no maintenance products are used.

For more information, contact Pauline Cawley's Beauty Clinic, Market Square, Castlebar, on (094 ) 9025007.


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