Vichy’s new LiftActiv targets ‘over-day ageing’

I am a big fan of Vichy products since I started using them a year ago so I was delighted last month when I was invited by Tina McHale from the Vichy counter at Stauntons Pharmacy on Main Street Castlebar to give their latest product, Vichy’s new Liftactiv Supreme, a try and see how I got on with it.

It is an intense moisturiser, mainly aimed at women who are concerned about the onset of the signs of ageing on their skin.

While ageing skin isn’t a huge issue for me right now, I have realised that, in my 30s, I should give my skin a little bit more TLC than I did in my 20s so I was keen to try this one out.

Vichy Liftactiv tackles something called ‘over-day ageing’.

It sounds alarming but it actually just means that our skin can start to look more tired as the day wears on, and this in turn makes the signs of ageing become more apparent by the time evening rolls around.

I think many women, from their 30s onwards, start to experience this feeling.

Vichy Lifeactiv is an everyday moisturiser with a unique formula aimed at reducing the appearance of over-day ageing by boosting the skin’s radiance, making wrinkles look smoother and skin feel firmer all day long.

I tried Liftactiv for four weeks and was really happy with the results.

As I have found with all Vichy products, the packaging is really attractive and the moisturiser itself feels great and has a light and pleasant fragrance.

It is easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling instantly softer and smoother.

Over the course of four weeks, I did notice that my skin consistently looked brighter and smoother and a few people (mainly family, I have to admit ) commented that my skin looked great.

I have typically normal to combination skin and I found this moisturiser seemed to even up any skin issues. I had fewer days when my skin felt either too dry or too oily.

Overall, I would recommend the product to any woman who feels that her skin can start to look tired over the course of the day. I would also consider this a really good, all round quality moisturiser for everyday use.

For more information on Vichy Liftactiv, visit the Vichy counter at Stauntons Pharmacy, Main Street, Castebar.


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