Stoorewhoorie coming to Ballina Arts Centre

An exhibition of selected works by acclaimed Belfast artist Dermot Seymour is opening in the Ballina Arts Centre today (March 13 ).

Born in Belfast in 1956 but now living in Mayo, Seymour’s style is described as ‘social realism’.

His strikingly realistic compositions use unusual and bizarre juxtapositions, frequently using agrarian landscapes, livestock and wild animals, military and religious symbols, to deal with a range of subjects, including the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The late poet and Nobel laurete, Seamus Heaney, speaking about a former exhibition of Seymour’s works, said: “What strikes you first is not the decodible constituent of the picture but the overall oddity of it, and that the impression of not having got to the bottom of it remains no matter how long you stay with it.”

Seymour has exhibited widely in Europe and the USA.

The exhibition of selected works called Stooriewhoorie opens on March 13.


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