Calls for extension of proposed Breaffy sewerage scheme

A call was made at yesterday’s Castlebar Municipal District Meeting to extended the proposed new sewerage scheme to Breaffy for an extra 500 metres from its proposed end point.

Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne told the Mayo Advertiser yesterday morning: “I will be raising the issue at the meeting of the Municipal District on Thursday afternoon. We were contacted by Lavin’s Fruit and Veg and other locals about the scheme in recent times. The scheme which is something that I have called for, for a long time and is welcome, but it needs to be done right. The scheme as it stands will end just after the village itself, but Lavins Fruit and Veg which employs 50 people and has plans to expand even further will not be able to connect to it. If the scheme was extended by 500 metres they will be able to get connected to it and they see it as vital to the expansion of their business. This is something that I will be pushing for and calling on the director of services for the area to push the relevant department and Irish Water to ensure that is done. This is a local business that has grown itself over the years and has plans to keep growing and that’s what we need to support.”

Cllr Kilcoyne went on to say that: “We’ve also been contacted by other local residents who the scheme will fall short of connecting with by only a few hundred metres, these people are the people who are paying the water charges and deserve to get the service they are entitled to. This is something that should have been done 20 or 30 years ago, never mind now.”


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