Eczema — the itchy irritation

Eczema is not just about the dry itchy skin, or the cracked, broken, and flaky skin. Sufferers are prone to infection and a run down immune system. But it is also about a way of life that takes away simple pleasures like going to the swimming pool, wearing short sleeves, or enjoying a day without others seeing your skin and making hurtful remarks.

Eczema increasingly occurs in younger children, causing distress to both child and parents. Unless correctly addressed at a young age, some children grow into adulthood still with eczema.

Do you always have to dress carefully to cover up your skin? These conditions are often made worse with stress – and the more you stress about your skin, the more you are stressed. A vicious cycle.

Many of the medical directories state the cause of eczema as “unknown” and offer little help. But at Mayo Holistic things are different. They were able to help Jamie (3 ). His arms were dry, raw, and sore from eczema. His parents had tried lots of things to no avail. They were delighted when Mayo Holistic identified the cause of Jamie’s eczema and he is now problem free. As well as that his behaviour and temperament improved.

It has been found that certain foods, stress, and diet may lead to eczema as well as a host of other conditions. Using kinesiology testing, balancing the body, and practical advice based on years of experience in holistic healthcare, Mayo Holistic tests and seeks to find your individual stresses, and help you to become free from eczema.

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