Wardrobe smarts

Is 2009 the year you’re going to do things differently? Good for you. However experience has taught me that instead of trying to institute lots of changes it is better to make just one change, because you will then have a better chance of succeeding.

For your first style change, let’s look at your wardrobe. The best place to start is in the organisation and storage of your clothes. Only by being able to see exactly what you own can you figure out new ways to wear and pair your clothes. Make this year the one that you make the most of what you already own. Here are the steps to take:

1. Separate each of your suits. Hang tops and bottoms separately.

2. Store all garments by category, then colour, organising them from dark to light in each category.

3. Use wood or plastic hangers for jackets and shirts. Avoid wire because it doesn’t properly maintain the shape of the shoulders.

4. Hang trousers long, using skirt hangers with clips. Clip them at the waist. Men can hang their trousers folded over the slat in a wooden hanger.

5. Clip skirts on skirt hangers or fold them over the slat in a wooden hanger.

6. Dresses too will be hung in a group that ranges from dark to light using wooden or plastic hangers.

7. Never hang knits. Fold them. Keep your sweaters in a chest of drawers. Separate them into piles: jumpers and cardigans and by colour, ranging from — you guessed it — dark to light.

8. Fold t-shirts and store in piles by colour in a chest of drawers or on a shelf.

9. If you have a walk in wardrobe, mount a shoe rack inside the door.

10. Organise socks and hosiery by colour.

11. To see your jewellery at a glance keep it in clear plastic tool box with compartments.

12. Hang belts and bags on special hangers or on hooks suspended from a pegboard on the inside of the wardrobe doors.

13. Roll scarves and place on a shelf so they can be readily seen.

Once everything is out in the open and pieces are assembled according to category, then you can begin pairing items you might not have thought of.

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