A varied and innovative way to workout at Bootcamp West

Bootcamp West was established in 2009 by Paul O’Brien, a qualified personal trainer and life coach.

Bootcamp West specialises in offering health and fitness training solutions to busy men and women.

Typically, clients are people who lead busy professional and home lives and face some or all of the following challenges to their health and fitness:

Lack of time to dedicate to exercise and health

Lack of motivation due to low energy, too much stress or simply not knowing what to do to achieve the best results

Discord between their output (exercise ) and their input (nutrition )

Bootcamp is a varied and innovative style of working out that uses a combination of military-style exercises (not as scary as it sounds ), mixed with circuits, aerobic exercises and novel games that help skyrocket fitness, burn fat and shape the physique you’ve always wanted.

At Bootcamp West, they believe that the body needs to be constantly challenged to become truly fit.

Exercises include aerobic drills (walking, jogging, running, skipping ), bodyweight drills (push-ups, squats, dips ) and they also incorporate the use of light weights, stability balls, basketballs and sometimes even car tyres!

They are always researching innovative new ways of training to benefit their clients.

Training with Bootcamp West provides: A supportive group environment; the services of an experienced personal trainer at a fraction of the cost; variety (no boredom and constant challenge ) and fun.

For more information, visit www.bootcampwest.com or telephone (086 ) 1674515.


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