How old is your heart?

Are you at risk of heart attack or stroke?

A new type of health screening which may be a better predictor for risk of stroke and heart attack than the traditional blood pressure test will be available at four Mayo venues next week.

Inflating a cuff on the arm is how we have been measuring blood pressure for over a century. But is it enough?

Recent studies have shown that central aortic pressure (CAP ) is the strongest independent risk factor in predicting stroke, heart attack, and survival rate in patients.

Professor Bryan Williams, cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Glenfield Hospital Leicester, explains that the aorta is millimetres away from the heart and close to the brain.

“Unless we measure the pressure in the aorta we are not getting an appreciation of the risks and benefits of treatment,” he outlined. “Over 5,000 people die every year in Ireland from cardiovascular disease.”

Pulsewave Ireland is a Wexford based company carrying out the test in Mayo next week. It is known as BPRO Heart and Artery screenings and featured recently on BBC News and on Shannonside Radio.

Jim Leacy, of Pulsewave Ireland, says that the BPRO screening, which takes only 15 minutes, has saved lives since its launch in Ireland.

The screening is both FDA and CE MDD approved.

After the screening, each person is given a detailed report, which they can then discuss with their GP should they wish to do so.

The BPRO screening is suitable for all, from ages 10 to 90, and sports clubs can avail of group discounts.


Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic and blood runs through our veins as if they were lined with Teflon. As we age, this Teflon coating starts to get sticky, like velcro, and this leads to many health risks.

BPRO screening measures central aortic systolic pressure (CASP ), which can identify whether you have potential underlying vascular disease. When arteries stiffen, they are more likely to clog and cause heart attacks and strokes.

The BPRO provides critical information that can help you identify problems before they become life threatening.

Pulsewave will be screening in Claremorris, Ballina, Castlebar, and Westport next week.

Appointments are available from 10am to 8pm daily.

Pulsewave believes that heart screening should be both accurate and affordable so prices range from €20 for children to €40 for adults.

Contact (087 ) 7151623 or visit


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