Problem skin and breakouts can be a nightmare

Mulroy’s Beauty, Main Street, Castlebar has a new product which has been winning rave reviews for its effectiveness is addresing problem skin and breakouts.

Skin Accumax has been described as “life changing” by users of the product who have struggled for years to achieve clear skin.

The product has a specific formula which contains a patent pending active plant compount called DIM as well as other complexion enhancing active ingredients.

Skin Accumax is chemical free. It addresses problem skin from the inside out and will not cause dryness or flakiness because it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Skin Accumax also contains a super high concentration of active ingredients for people prone to problem skin. It is easily absorbed by the body and gets to work quickly.

Skin Accumax is available now from Mulroy’s Beauty, Main Street, Castlebar. Telephone (094 ) 9023785.


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