Mayo County Council Election Count : Live (Day 3)

Welcome to day three of the Mayo Advertiser's rolling live election count coverage from the Royal Theatre in Castlebar. Colm Gannon and Frances Toner will be here throughout the day and into the night bringing you all of the news from the count centre as it happens. You can follow all the action here on on our Facebook page at and on Twitter by following us here

1.28am (Tuesday )

The final results from the recount in Castlebar has still to be announced, it's expected to be at least half and hour before it's in. We're sigining off here from the count centre now. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage over the past three days and we'll have the stories from the count and how everything worked out in the end in Friday's paper. 


The first count in the recount in the Castlebar area is still going on here in the Royal Theatre. 


The eight candidates who were elected in the early hours of this morning have been offically declared elected by Returing Officer, John Condon. 


Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has been elected on the second count in the Midlands-North-West European Election. 


The Ballina recount will not go ahead after Sinn Féin have withdrawn their request. 


The recount for the Castlebar area will not take place until 6pm this evening, if completed it will be followed by the Ballina area count. Returing Officer, John Condon has also said that the count tonight will not go on beyond midnight and he will resume the the count if needed on Tuesday morning. We'll be back this evening with the details from the recounts.


Returning Officer, John Condon will be making an announcement regarding the recounts in Ballina and Castlebar at 10am. The indication is that the Castlebar recount will not start untill this evening, possibly after 6pm with the Ballina one taking place at some stage during the day. 


Day two has turned into day three here in the Royal Theatre in Castlebar, Ballina has just concluded, but in another dramatic twist a full recount has been granted to John Sheehan (SF ) after he lost out on the last seat in Ballina. 

This is how it stood at the end of the day/night/morning we've just gone through

After an all night count in the Ballina area the final two seats were filled by Smyth (FF ) and Cruise (FG ) at around 7.30 am.

The margin between Cruise (FG ) and the next candidate Sheahan (SF ) narrowed to 11 votes at one stage in the final counts (count 10 ).

The expected time for the start of the recount hasn't been announced.

So, still no final result from Ballina for this election.

This is how the last counts looked.


(Distribution of Ginty Ind surplus 33 )

Cruise FG + 10 = 1510 (deemed elected )

Sheahan SF + 13 = 1453

Smyth + 2 = 1523 (deemed elected )


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