IFFPG collecting more farm plastics

IFFPG, the national farm plastics recycling scheme, is providing some 200 bring-centre locations nationwide this year where farmers can recycle the full range of farm plastics. Farmers are advised to bring their silage plastics loose to the bring-centres. The rate this year for silage plastics is €12 per half tonne with the label code. This represents the most cost efficient recycling service.

In Mayo, IFFPG will conduct seven bring-centres spread right across the county. More than 1,000 farmers recycled plastic at these bring-centres and nearly 900 tonnes of farm plastic was collected last year. A full list of bring-centres is on the website www.farmplastics.ie, or you can call 1890 300 444 for more information.

In addition to silage plastics, IFFPG in partnership with Farm Plastics Recycling is also now collecting other farm waste plastics. These plastics include small fertiliser and feed bags, bulk bag liners, bulk fertiliser and feed bags (liners to be removed ),  chemical containers (triple rinsed ), netting, and twine.  In order to avail of this new service, farmers should segregate plastics into the various categories mentioned into used bulk bags. The recycling fee per bag at the bring-centre is €15. In 2013 IFFPG collected more than 27,000 tonnes of farm plastics from some 35,000 farmers nationwide in what was the scheme’s most successful year to date.


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