Inquest today into Westport man’s death in Nigeria

The inquest into the death of an engineer from Westport who died in an apparent ambush by armed robbers in Nigeria in 2012, is to take place today (Friday ) at noon in Castlebar Courthouse.

Coroner for South Mayo, John O’Dwyer, will hear the details surrounding the death of 45-year-old Robert Gray.

Mr Gray was killed on August 23, 2012, while working as an engineer for a construction company called PW Nigeria Limited.

He was travelling in a pick-up truck with a driver, near the town of Takum, in the state of Taraba, close to the Cameroonian border, when they were confronted by armed gunmen.

Mr Gray was prounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly after the ambush. The driver was also seriously injured in the attack.


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