Appeal to couples on roadside wedding signage

Many wedding guests have whooped for joy when, rattling around roads in unfamiliar terrain, frantically trying to get to the church on time, they spot a cheerful sign erected by the considerate couple directing them to the wedding venue.

However, this cheerful signage, complete with ribbons and bows, is causing a problem on the posts and pillars in one of Ireland's tidiest towns - Westport - because it is often left flying in the wind long after the big day has passed, becoming a tatty eyesore as the months go by.

That is according to Westport town councillor Tereasa McGuire, who raised the issue ahead of last night's (Thursday ) annual general meeting of Westport Tidy Towns.

Now Councillor McGuire, a Fine Gael candidate in the upcoming local election for the West Mayo area, is calling on Westport couples to pledge ‘I will do’ when it comes to removing the signage after their nuptial celebrations and help the award winning tourism beauty spot keep its pristine appearance.

Councillor McGuire said she acknowledges the importance for couples in erecting the signage but just wants them to be sure it is taken down after the celebrations.

“I would appeal to couples to arrange to have someone take down their signs within a day or two of their celebrations,” she explained.

“Here in Westport, we pride ourselves on our tidy image, which is thanks to a great community effort led by the Tidy Towns committee. Everyone has a role to play, including us politicians, who have refrained from putting up election posters in the town for a number of years now.”

Signs, she added, will eventually disintegrate and even if a neat minded passer-by takes it down, unsightly ring-ties are often left behind on poles, and are difficult to remove.


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