Is your thyroid killing your weight loss and energy?

Nothing affects your health and weight loss like low thyroid function. It drastically limits your energy and ages you well beyond your years. It can mean you are operating at 50 per cent of normal power – mentally and physically.

It makes weight loss almost impossible because you burn 400 or 500 calories less than normal per day. It can limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.

Thyroid hormones affect every cell in the body. Low thyroid can be at the root cause of depression, poor digestion, constipation, poor circulation, and feeling cold, fatigue, poor skin and hair quality, fertility problems and low sex drive – it is connected to everything.

It of course causes big weight gain and can especially contribute to stomach fat. In our hurried and stressed lifestyle the thyroid is one of the most beaten up glands of all.

Unfortunately current blood testing helps very little. The thyroid hormones typically tested (TSH and T4 ) do not give enough information. The ranges of ‘normality’ are too wide and there are other important thyroid tests that should be done. Many people go undiagnosed and suffer needlessly. Many who pass blood tests still have multiple signs of low thyroid function.

System 10 is all about getting a great metabolism and so a great thyroid. A great metabolism and thyroid means you burn way more fat every hour 24 hours a day. It is the real weight loss miracle, bringing transforming results. System 10 naturally strengthens your thyroid with great foods plans, balanced exercise and key nutritional supplements. It also improves other metabolism faults that affect your thyroid.

The results speak for themselves. Within one month on the plan, most people report greater energy, much better health and amazing changes in their weight and shape, changes which were slow or impossible to get before. People are reporting that they look younger and feel better mentally and physically than they have in 10 or 20 years.

So if you are struggling with your weight, energy and zest for life then let System 10 turn back the clock for you. System 10 is the only plan worldwide that precisely combines the three keys – food, exercise and metabolism correction for the easiest and best weight loss ever and transforming energy and health.

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By David McDonagh. Dietician, fitness trainer, and motivation coach. Creator of System 10 Precision Weight Loss. Please refer to system 10 Ad


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