Get the smile you always wanted

Mary Doyle, a client of the Dental Implant Centre in Hungary, discusses her experience in the pursuit of attractive teeth

“My decision to look outside Ireland for dental treatment came about after discussion with dentists in Ireland. I’d had a denture on top for years and really didn’t like it at all.” Mary wanted implants but the Irish dentists she consulted said that she didn’t have enough bone, with one dentist telling her that a section of bone would have to be taken from her leg to be used to supplement the bone in her mouth, but he couldn’t guarantee it would work. Mary eventually gave up hope.

A friend then informed Mary that she had seen an advert in the paper about the Dental Implant Centre in Hungary. Following a phone call with the clinic Mary had a panoramic x-ray taken and went to see Dr Borbath for a free assessment in Dublin.

“The doctor was very professional and helpful and said that he would do everything in his power to give me functional and attractive teeth” — this would entail complex and difficult reconstruction work, which would be done in two phases approximately six months apart.

A month later Mary travelled to Budapest for the first phase of her dental treatment. After a few weeks Mary returned home. She was concerned about the healing and contacted a representative who organised an appointment with Dr Borbath on his next visit to Dublin.

Mary met with the doctor for check-ups twice more in Dublin over the following four months. The healing process was on track and it was made known to her that if there had been any problems in relation to the treatment, she would be invited back to the clinic immediately at no cost.

Due to Dr Borbath’s vast knowledge and experience, Mary’s bone augmentation was a much simpler procedure and did not require the removal of any bone from her body, and her implants were completely successful.

Seven months later Mary returned to the clinic for the second phase of her treatment and now she has lovely porcelain crowns in both her upper and lower mouth.

Mary said: “It has made a huge difference to my self-confidence and I now have the teeth I have always wanted. And the icing on the cake is that it cost a fraction of the price in Ireland, even allowing for the cost of the flights and accommodation.”

Wrinkle treatment and lip augmentation

Mary returned last summer to Hungary with her husband, who was to have dental implants. Mary discovered that Dr Borbath was now doing wrinkle treatment and lip augmentation. “This was a great opportunity to complete my new look and I am thrilled with the final package.”

Visiting Dublin

The dental team will be in Dublin again on January 22, January 23 and January 24. For an information pack and to make an appointment please contact our representatives Ali Denvir on 01 275 0783/086 876 4066 or Susan Lynch on 087 613 0126; email [email protected] or visit


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