Councillor calls for Greenway Walks Scheme

Independent councillor Michael Holmes has called for the introduction of a maintenance scheme for Greenway landowners, similar to the Walks Scheme currently in place for the Burrishoole Loop Walks.

Under the scheme proposed by Cllr Holmes, Greenway landowners would receive a payment in return for maintenance and enhancement of the cycling route. It would work in conjunction with the Rural Social Scheme under the auspices of South West Mayo Development Company, and also with Mayo County Council which would provide material and machinery for work carried out.

Cllr Holmes said: “The Greenway needs continuous maintenance, repairs, and enhancement if it is to remain the country’s premier cycling and walking route. It has been up and running for four years now and has attracted hundreds of thousands of cyclists and walkers. It is now badly in need of repair, but there is no one agency in charge of carrying these out. Although there is some work being done through the Rural Social Scheme and by Mayo County Council, there needs to be a more cohesive approach. I believe that partnering with the landowners and reimbursing them for carrying out work on the Greenway will help ensure the quality and sustainability of this world-class resource.”


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