Pedestrian crossing urgently needed on ring road — Ruane

Sinn Féin councillor Thérèse Ruane has put out an urgent appeal to the National Roads Authority to put in place a pedestrian crossing on the ring road in Castlebar at the junction of John Moore Road and the ring road. She raised the issue at the recent Castlebar Town Council meeting and a letter will now be written to the NRA requesting this.

Cllr Ruane, who is the chairperson of Smart Travel Castlebar, said: “For more than four years I have been highlighting the need for a pedestrian crossing at this location. People put their lives at risk trying to cross the ring road at this junction. There is a heavy volume of pedestrians crossing, coming from the GMIT, the library, the county council, the HSE, the swimming pool, and it's ridiculous that this pedestrian crossing has not been put in place. Cars are coming very fast on this section of road. It's an accident waiting to happen. Do we have to wait until someone gets knocked down before we see action taken on this?”


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