Barrett welcomes assurances on Kamer estates

Cllr Harry Barrett has commended the town manager Seamus Granahan for his efforts in progressing a deal with the receiver appointed to deal with outstanding works on Kamer estates in Castlebar and Balla. Cllr Barrett said that he had been assured that a deal was imminent and that there would be sufficient money to finish outstanding works on all estates, that would allow the council to proceed to estate take-over.

He said last week: "It is expected that a contract with the receiver will be signed today, Friday, that will see a financial settlement put in place that will cover the outstanding works on all seven Kamer estates within the Castlebar area.” He also said: ”I believe a report will be issued to councillors next week and that a priority action plan will be drawn up to deal with the more pressing health and safety concerns in certain estates.”

The Labour town councillor concluded: “All that remains is that the final signatures have to be put in place and that families in all Kamer estates can look forward to the council taking charge and dealing with the safety concerns that I've highlighted over the years. I have intervened in the past to have potholes and lights repaired in these estates under monies set aside by the council for health and safety issues. I had called for immediate action to be taken on these estates in the Castlebar area. Families in these estates, 10 years on, are left to foot the bill for ongoing repairs to lights, paths, and potholes, and this is unacceptable.”


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