Higgins urges motorists to expect deer crossing this autumn

Jim Higgins MEP for the North West has today warned motorists of the increased dangers this time of year with deer crossing roads and motorways. Jim Higgins, a member of the Transport Committee at the European Parliament said: "The deer signs remain in place all year round, so motorists used to travelling the same road in their daily routine might be blinded as to the presence of these warning signs. However in the coming weeks, there is a heightened chance of coming into contact with deer while driving."

This time of year is mating season for deer, causing them to leave the normal places where they live. This often means having to cross a road with fast moving traffic. There are more than 400 people a year involved in collisions with deer in Ireland. "The advice is simply to be aware, and drive a little more carefully in areas where deer warning signs are present. Drive with your headlights on, but dim them if you see a deer up ahead so as not to blind or startle the deer," said the Fine Gael MEP.

"The temptation, upon coming on a deer, is to swerve to avoid the deer, but motorists have to be aware that they could be swerving into the path of an oncoming car, with serious consequences. I would particularly appeal to motorway drivers - adapt your speed where you see warning signs for deer. The result of impact with deer while travelling at motorway speeds can be fatal," concluded the North West MEP.


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