Mayo has third sharpest increase in commencement applications

The latest edition of the National Housing Construction Index compiled and issued by Link2Plans ( ) illustrates that Mayo has the third sharpest increase in planning commencements, however planning applications in the county continue to fall.

The team of researchers at have examined every housing construction planning application and planning commencement from January to April 2013, in the production of the National Housing Construction Index. The index gives a direct comparison with the same period in 2012.

Mayo experienced an increase in planning commencements of 10 per cent with 54 in January to April 2013 compared to 49 in the same period last year. While Link2Plans data records a decrease in commencements nationwide (-15 per cent ), it is significant to note that three of the four counties—Roscommon, Dublin and Louth—including Mayo, show an increase and have done so for the second consecutive period. However Mayo also saw a decrease of planning applications of 15 per cent in January to April 2013 compared to the same period last year.

According to the managing director of Link2Plans, Danny O’Shea, the index shows that there is an overall trend of falling planning applications which may result in a fall in commencements. This may mean that commencements in Mayo may start to slow down however for now, with favourable weather conditions, the number of building works could increase over the coming months.


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