End of the road for rogue clampers

Jim Higgins MEP for Ireland North West and Ireland's member of the European Parliament transport committee has welcomed moves by Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar to regulate the clamping industry.

The Minister published the General Scheme of the Regulation of Vehicle Immobilisation Bill 2013, which is designed to reward good practice by reputable clampers, and to protect motorists from malpractice.

Speaking in Brussels, Mr Higgins said: “The Bill will introduce consistency to the clamping of vehicles, whether in a public place or on certain private lands, by setting up a new regulatory regime for those involved in clamping as a means of parking enforcement.”

At present there are clear laws governing clamping in public places, which allow local authorities to clamp vehicles, either directly or by contract with a clamping company. However there is currently no legislation covering the clamping of vehicles which are parked on private property. “This new Bill will protect motorists and legitimate clamping operators, while penalising bad behaviour by dodgy operators. It would also give motorists a one-stop-shop to seek redress,” added the Fine Gael MEP.

“I congratulate the Minister on the steps he has taken. There are over-zealous clampers out there, whose interest is to make money, not prevent illegal parking”, concluded Jim Higgins.



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