Submissions on Mulranny improvement works close at end of month

The closing date for submissions from members of the public on improvement works including footpaths, pedestrian crossings, and traffic calming measures in Mulranny village is on Tuesday, April 23. The four elected councillors in the Belmullet electoral area were given an update on the plans at the April meeting of the electoral committee.

Pat Staunton from the national roads design office in Mayo County Council told the meeting that if the council could get agreement from all the landowners on the stretch from the church to the hotel in the village, the council would be ready to begin works on the first part of the footpath project, under an existing part eight planning permission that has been previously granted.

He outlined that the improvement works would see a footpath being constructed from the church on the same side of the road back into the village as a far as the tourist office. From there it is planned to have a footpath on either side of road running though the village in the Newport direction. Staunton also confirmed that there will be six pedestrian crossings throughout the village, though none of them will be controlled pedestrian crossings or raised, as the N59 is a national primary road and the council are not allowed to put in such crossings on a national primary road. It is also planned to change the access to the greenway from the village from a steep hill at present to a zig-zag design as part of the works.



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