Calm the mind with a holistic treatment

sTara McDonald, a professional holistic therapist, explains the benefits of availing of relaxing treatments

“As a working mother of three young children I understand the stresses we face each day as we try to balance work and family life, leaving little time for ourselves, to take time out, to care for and nurture ourselves. For me, holistic therapies provide this space. A reflexology or reiki treatment will calm the mind and relax the body while being of benefit to our general wellbeing and maintaining our health.

“I have been practising reiki for 10 years and reflexology for six years and am now excited to offer a treatment new to the west of Ireland—a natural face lift massage. This face massage technique brings the deep relaxation associated with holistic therapies while also helping to slow down the signs of ageing. What more could we want.”

This hour long treatment uses only the therapists hands, no oils are required. The treatment works by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and the connective tissue. Using a combination of techniques and incorporating specific acupressure and facial reflexology points the massage will: lessen wrinkles and expressions, release stress and tension of the surrounding muscles, relax the face leaving a vibrant expression, tone and improve complexion, enhance a feeling of wellbeing, and is excellent for tension, headaches, and eye strain.

This treatment is ideal as a one-off treat, to escape the chaos of a busy day, or as a series of treatments which will leave the client feeling relaxed, nurtured, and visibly looking better.

You can make an appointment with Tara McDonald at Demure, Humbert Mall, Castlebar on 086 203 5701.


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