Hay fever: natural help at hand

Does spring bring with it the miseries of hay fever? If you have the yearly running nose, watering eyes and sneezing problems, it can spoil anything from football to a walk in the local park. You can control these symptoms with conventional medicine but as soon as it wears off, the problem returns, often year after year.

Dr Clare’s herbal medicine is helpful in managing hay fever symptoms but it also has value added. Over the last 10 years Dr Clare has treated people regularly for hay fever and related immune problems. The herbs work on the nourishment of the mucous membranes and by dampening the immune response. Dr Clare believes that: “The combination of both of these actions lead to year on year reduction of the impact of seasonal immune problems.”

Preferably, hay fever tea should be taken from one month before your symptoms start but it can be taken at anytime. Allergy support tonic can be used in place of or in addition to hay fever tea. Dr Clare’s herbs can be used very simply as infusions (teas ) which are made up once daily and taken hot or cold, or can be used as tinctures (alcohol extracts ).

Dr Clare is the only qualified GP and medical herbalist in Ireland. She offers the best of conventional and herbal medicine. Through her herbal dispensary Dr Clare provides quality and natural medicines to help with allergies and hay fever. These are available to purchase online at www.healthandherbs.ie, by telephone on 091 583 260 or at Health and Herbs shop on Sea Road, Galway.


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