Let Jackson Engineering help you comply with farm regulations

Every farm has waste metal, old farm implements, iron, steel, aluminium, piping, wire fencing, copper, alloys, batteries, end of life vehicles and machinery. When something breaks around the farm it is often held onto in case it might come in useful some day. For too many years that old disc harrow has been sitting around, taking up much wanted space, attracting attention from unsolicited callers, posing a risk to the environment. Why not recycle it and ease cashflow woes. Metal can be recycled easily if it is segregated into ferrous (iron, steel ) and non ferrous (aluminium, copper, brass, lead ) types.

Some old equipment or end of life vehicles may contain fluids such as hydraulic oils, petroleum products and batteries. As they deteriorate over time, fluids may escape and contaminate the soil or ground water. Batteries contain a variety of dangerous substances depending on the type and may be classified as hazardous. Do not place batteries in with general metal recycling. Such waste may pose a risk to animals and humans. Under waste regulations one cannot place or bury this waste, it is a burden on the environment and must be disposed of safely using a regulated authorised treatment facility.

Jackson Engineering Ltd can provide you a service to collect or receive waste metal and unwanted vehicles, to assist you comply with two of the basic measures in your REPS and Agri-Environmental Option Scheme in maintaining and improving the visual appearance of the farm and farmyard and becoming familiar with environmental-friendly practices.

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