Tips for finding the right tutor

As college places become more competitive, students are turning to private tutors to improve their grades.

“Parents recognise that for students to compete in our global economy, they must be prepared for success at a higher level,” says Carmel O’Brien of Tutor Doctor. “Whether they are using a tutor to improve their grades in an advanced class or to build greater knowledge than they are gaining in their classes, the focus is on high achievement.”

In the past, parents were the driving force behind hiring a tutor when a report card showed less than acceptable performance in a subject. But now, it is the students themselves who are proposing the idea, says Ms O’Brien.

Students are feeling the pressure and are increasingly taking higher level courses, competing for places in college, and are turning to private tutoring to give them an edge.

“What has changed is that the kids themselves are saying college is competitive and I want to get into the best course I can,” Ms O’Brien says. “They’re engaged, they’re looking around, they’re meeting tutors and deciding whether they want to go online, do I want to meet my tutor in the kitchen, or what do I want to do?”

To ensure their effort, time, and money is well spent, here is what experts said families should consider when picking the right tutor: Seek out credentials and referrals, set expectations, discuss details, and get progress reports.

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