Six steps to better grades - Carmel O’Brien

Be positive: The perfect learning environment starts with a good attitude. Show that you believe in your students and trust that they are working hard. Focus on their positive attributes and praise every success and don’t put too much pressure on them. They need to believe they are capable of improvement.

Create a routine: You need to structure time for homework/studying and ensure that their environment is free of distractions. A study area should have adequate light, peace, and quiet. You can also help by leaving them to work and then praising/rewarding them when tasks are successfully completed.

Get organised: Teaching your student to manage his/her own time effectively means less chaos, fewer forgotten assignments/homework tasks, and never running out of time to study. Using online apps, coloured charts, or diaries can help.

All work and no play…: Don’t forget down time. Stress makes your student less effective. He needs to exercise, have fun with friends, and take time out to spend together as a family.

Step back: Micromanaging your student’s academic life implies that you don’t have faith in his abilities and prevents him from acquiring the life skills he needs to be effective academically and socially. Happy, well-adjusted, students do better than those who are stressed.

Get a tutor: Tutors are able to ascertain your student’s learning style and adapt appropriate materials so that he is able to understand, remember, and learn. Tutors can teach students to effectively manage their time and find study methods and schedules that will help them achieve their goals.

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