Does your child suffer from an anxiety disorder?

Children with anxiety problems may or may not act like anxious adults.

According to Mind and Body Solutions: “Kids are more likely to have physical symptoms from anxiety disorders. They have stomach aches or headaches; sometimes with vomiting or diarrhoea. But they can also look very worried, very stressed, and can have panic syndromes just as adults do.”

Mind and Body Solutions’ unique approach when working with kids and teens allows them to get to the root of the difficulty very quickly. “In general one session sorts the issue, but maximum two, for teens it can be up to three sessions depending on the complexity.”

Mind and Body Solutions is one of the most effective, private psychotherapeutic clinics available in the west of Ireland today. Using vast knowledge and experience Mind and Body Solutions ensure an effective solution to your difficulties.

Contact Mind and Body Solutions on 085 763 7059. ‘Helping You To Help Yourself’.


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